Wheeler's Firearms and Safety Training, LLC. - Chicago Readiness Club (WFSt, LLC. CRC) is designed to attract those individuals who want to learn, develop, and improve upon their personal self-defense skills. We do this by first teaching firearms and hand-to-hand techniques in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, than hone those skills by creating real world scenario based training. All Courses are taught by Certified NRA Training Counselors, Training Instructors, Range Safety Officers, as well as, Martial Arts Instructors of various disciplines.

Traditional Gun Clubs are awesome, however they usually only provide a place for its members to come together and shoot usually for recreation, and sometimes for hunting, depending on its geographical location. Types of activities in your average gun club include, archery, long and short distance pistol & rifle shooting, shotgun shooting such as skeet, sporting clays, & trap, and usually a discounted rate or unfettered access to the facility gun range.


At WFST, LLC. - CRC our approach is very different, in addition to participating in most of the above shooting sports as part of your membership we offer extensive firearms training, teach self-defensive tactics, and provide self/buddy aid training.  In addition to the training provided, at the completion of most of our courses we will end with some type of realistic culminating event. Some of those culminating events are aimed at putting the training to test by sometimes utilizing unorthodox methods such as paintballing, laser training, and simmunition training.


All Courses are taught by Certified NRA Training Counselors/Instructors, Certified NRA Chief/Range Safety Officers, and, Martial Arts Instructors of various disciplines, and American Red Cross Certified Instructors.


Membership benefits include all courses and programs taught by Wheeler’s Firearms and Safety Training, LLC, and Wheeler’s Firearms and Safety Training, LLC. – Self-Defensive Tactics with the exception of such courses offered to law enforcement, security personnel and instructors. 


Membership requires completion of the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course, NRA Membership and a copy of a successfully completed Criminal Background Check. Basics of Pistol shooting Course cost $125 and you can register for that via the WFST Tab Above & NRA Membership Prices Vary starting at $35 for 1yr, and can be purchased below. You can obtain your criminal background check from one of these websites: {https://www.dmv.org/criminal-records/obtaining-criminal-records.php; www.backgroundchecks.com}


Meetings will be held every Tuesday Afternoon. (unless otherwise stated)


Monthly Membership Dues are $78

All classes will be offered as part of your membership, however if you would like a certificate of completion it requires you to pay the difference for the course and the cost of the books associated with said course, usually under $20. For example monthly membership = $78 normal price for the course being taught cost $225 then; only if you want a completion certificate, you pay difference being $147 + the cost of the book.