Wheeler’s Firearms and Safety Training, LLC. - Self-Defensive Tactics (WFST-SDT), training is currently being taught to a variety of individuals to include civilians, security personnel, and law enforcement officers throughout the Chicagoland area, and State of Illinois. Our unique approach to training is that of a reality based system of training which provides real life solutions to an array of armed and unarmed threats for use by both the individual and the professional alike. The training is characterized by a common sense, open-minded approach to learning that results in an extremely effective, easy to learn, natural and practical method of defensive tactics for real-life violent encounters. Our program features both defensive and offensive techniques that cover various scenarios where, for any number of reasons, individuals face life threatening situations in which higher level of force options cannot be immediately accessed. From this perspective, an individual will learn how to respond with sound, aggressive, unarmed defensive techniques until a transition to higher level of force options or safe control can be achieved. This program is a combination of those proven techniques from various Martial Arts Disciplines throughout the world, to include, Boxing, Wrestling, Savate, Fencing, Kung Fu,  Okinawan karateJudoTae Kwon Do, Wushu (often incorrectly called Kung Fu), and Jujutsu. Our goal at WFST-SDT is to instill in our clients the skills, discipline, and confidence necessary to survive in a given situation using self-defensive tactics techniques. 

Level 1 Topics included in level one are: Concepts, Punches, Break Falls, Upper & Lower Body Strikes, Chokes, Leg Sweep, and Counter to Strikes, Counter to Chokes and Holds, Unarmed & Armed Manipulation, Knife Techniques, Weapons of Opportunity, Responsible Use of Force.


Level 2 Topics included in level one are: Upper & Lower Body Strikes, Front Chokes, Hip Throw, Counters to Strikes, Counters to Chokes and Holds, Unarmed Manipulations, Armed Manipulations, Knife Techniques, Weapons of Opportunity, Ground Fighting, Nutrition, Weight Management, & Performance.


Level 3 Topics included in level one are: Side Choke, Shoulder Throw, Counters to strikes, Lower & Upper Body Strikes, Unarmed Manipulations, Knife techniques, Weapons of Opportunity, Ground Fighting, Anatomy and Physiology.


Level 4 Topics included in level one are: Ground Fighting, Chokes, Major Outside Reap, Unarmed vs. Handheld, Firearm Retention, Firearm Disarmament, Knife Techniques, Upper Body Strikes, Human Dimensions, Warrior as a Gentleman.


Level 5 Topics included in level one are: Sweeping Hip Throw, Ground Fighting, Crank Takedown, Chokes, Rolling Knee Bar, Counter Pistol to the Head, Upper Body Strikes, Knife Techniques, Weapons of Opportunity, Fundamentals of Combat Mind Set, Advanced Elements of Anatomy & Physiology, Master at Arms.

Courses run 2x a week for approximately 1 hour sessions. (Wednesday Mornings/Friday Afternoon)

Cost for this program is $78 a month