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Our goal, here at Wheeler’s Firearms and Safety Training, LLC. - Military Style Fitness, (WFST-MSF) is to assist our clients in obtaining ultimate fitness standards through a variety of challenging high intensity workouts. WFST-MSF, training is currently being taught to a variety of individuals to include civilians, security personnel, and law enforcement officers throughout the Chicagoland area, and throughout the State of Illinois. Our unique approach to training is similar to those types of workouts, and exercises used by the United States Military. As we all know our Military is the strongest and most powerful in the world, part of the reason why is by maintaining physical readiness. Our mission is to assist individuals in gradually obtaining said physical readiness. This program is designed for those individuals who want to meet their optimum fitness goals, without the normal day-to-day boredom and monotony of a traditional gym regiment. Workouts are designed so as to seldom repeat, causing a constant shock to the muscles allowing for maximum growth and transformation.


Courses run 2x a week for approximately 1 hour sessions. (Wednesday Mornings/Friday Afternoon)

Cost for this program is $50 month

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